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I will have to purify you with my love.
~ Embryo, before trying to rape Ange.

Lord Embryo (simply known as Embryo) is the main antagonist of the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon anime series. He is the creator of the World of Mana.

He was voiced by Chris Patton.


Embryo was originally a kindhearted and benevolent man who wanted peace. However, he eventually gave up on the current world and he decided to start a new. He also possesses somewhat of a God-complex, since he believes that he has the right to destroy the world and then remake it to fit his tastes. He also constantly abuses or rapes women that he wants to rule.


Early Years

Embryo was originally a scientist on an island a thousand years prior to the events of the series, but when the Ragnamail Hysterica was invented, and Embryo activated its power, he, Hysterica, and the island were transported to a dimensional rift outside time and space. Presumably because of the rift, powered by Hysterica, Embryo did not age, and controlled Hysterica from his island, using it to project to the Earth in the form of a duplicate body, generating a new one if his false body were to be killed.

At one point, Embryo created a gene that he hoped would put an end to the world's conflicts. This gene would allow the user to manipulate Mana with their mind. Embryo couldn't prevent the creation of the Norma, however, so he declared that the Norma should be treated with contempt. He created the World of Mana by using the life force of the first DRAGON, Aura, and he then caused the Norma and the DRAGONs to fight each other as a means of creating Dracunium crystals.

Present Day

Embryo joined the world leaders in a discussion on what to do regarding the DRAGON's attack on Arzenal. One suggestion that he had was that if they exterminate all the Norma, then they would either have to surrender unconditionally to the DRAGONs, or destroy them as well. The third option that he gave was to destroy and remake the world, and the world leaders agreed on it. He appointed Julio, Ange's brother, with a key that would allow him to "use the keys in the yard," and Julio set out to destroy the Norma.

He later met Ange and he informed her that her brother ordered the massacre. When Ange was about to give her brother the killing blow, Embryo intercepted her and personally killed him himself using Hysterica's laser cannons.

During the battle, Embryo revived Chris and the children, who had been killed, causing Chris and Ersha to become loyal to him, as well as Salia, whom he saved from drowning. He gave them rings to pilot Black Villkiss for him.

Afterwards, he attacked the DRAGON world by distorting time and space, but Ange and Sala worked together to stop the attack.

Embryo captured the DRAGON spy, Riza, and tortured her for information as to where the DRAGONs would appear, sending Salia, Ersha, and Chris to ambush them, though they escaped.

Later, Embryo had Salia bring Ange to him, where he took her to the spot where Aura was imprisoned, and tried to get her to join him. Ange shot him in the head, but he projected into a new body. Ange swore to kill him, which only made him more infatuated with her. Embryo asked Ange to marry him, which made Salia jealous. Embryo told Ange of his plan to merge the human and DRAGON worlds together to destroy them and create a new world in their place. Ange stabbed him in the neck, but he projected into a new body and tortured Ange, until Salia helped her escape.

Embryo possessed many humans, including Momoka, to try to recapture Ange. When Embryo personally confronted her, Tusk shot him, and knifed him in the back. Tusk fought Embryo as a distraction, but he shot himself in the head, and his new body appeared close to Ange. Embryo controlled Momoka to attack Tusk, but Ange returned her to her senses, and she ran Embryo through, then summoned a car to knock her over a cliff to her supposed death. When Embryo reappeared in a new body, Tusk seemingly blew himself up with a suicide bomb (possibly killing Embryo's current body, to which he returned in another).

Embryo punished Salia for letting Ange escape and told her to recapture her to prove that she was smart, strong, and capable enough to help create his new world. He also possessed Emma on board the Aurora, but Sala broke the possession. Because the children were re-killed in the previous battle, Ersha asked Embryo to revive them again, but he refused, saying they had no place in his world, and attacking her when she begged him to revive them, thus revealing his true colors to her and causing her to leave his side.

He began to merge the two worlds together, leaving the other World Leaders for dead along with everyone else, aside from the select women he chose.

When Ange asked Jill how to kill Embryo, she revealed his true body was inside another world. When the Norma and DRAGONS made their way to defeat Embryo for good, Tusk fought Embryo as a distraction so that Ange could get to Aura. Embryo used his other two girls, Tania and Erma, as decoys, resulting in their deaths, and then left Salia and Chris for dead, revealing his deception to them. After Sala released Aura, Jill confronted Embryo and froze him, but as Hysterica, he mortally wounded Jill with a laser, then destroyed his frozen body to project into a new one. He then teleported Ange to his island in the dimensional rift.

Embryo told the earliest part of his backstory to Ange, and when she refused to stay with him, he backhanded her several times, before trying to rape her to "purify" her from when she slept with Tusk. Then Tusk arrived with Hilda, Salia, and Sala, and engaged Embryo in a swordfight using Sala's sword while Embryo sent extra Ragnamails after Hilda, Salia, and Sala, who destroyed them while Ange fought Hysterica, which Embryo simultaneously controlled while fighting Tusk.

When Tusk injured Embryo in the shoulder, he realized that Embryo was using his real body, as he was unable to project a fake body in the dimensional rift. Embryo teleported around and shot at Tusk, eventually stabbing him before Tusk stabbed him in turn. When Embryo realized that Ange would never let him have her, he decided to kill her, but she partially destroyed Hysterica. Tusk then chopped Embryo vertically in two, killing his human body. He lived on inside Hysterica, the source of his immortality, but Ange destroyed Hysterica with Villkiss's beam sword, killing Embryo for good, closing the dimensional rift, and saving the world.

Powers and Abilities

Embyro is a very talented and masterful manipulator as well as a highly gifted geneticist, having been responsible for the creation of the World of Mana, and, to an extent, the world's foundations, and he was also the creator of the Light of Mana.

Embryo also has the power to cause great pain and pleasure on anyone that he comes into contact with. He can cause someone to feel pleasure by tapping them on the forehead, and he can cause someone to feel pain by tapping them of the side of their temple.