Lord Darigan

Lord Darigan is a Korbat who rules the Darigan Citadel in Neopia on Neopets.

Darigan's land was plagued by famine and poverty after Meridell stole the magical orb. Bent of revenge, he spent many years tracking it down. When he finally did find the orb, he waged war against Meridell that left it devastated due to his minions stopping at nothing to return the orb to their master. They succeeded, but the orb soon worked its foul magic and corrupted Darigan's once honest heart. A desire for power drove him to plot the destruction of all Neopia. With the help of Neopians everywhere, Darigan was defeated and Neopia saved. Since then, Darigan has made peace with the other kingdom.

Darigan is the main antagonist in the Champions of Meridell plot and a somewhat reformed character in the Battle For Meridell plot.