Lord Big Rabbit

Lord Big Rabbit (Lorde Coelhão, in the original) is a recurring villain in the comic book franchise Monica's Gang. He was the main villain in the animated movie A Princesa e o Robô in 1983, and after the movie even made appearances in various comics and eventually disappear with time.


Lord Big Rabbit is an rabbit alien of the Cenourano planet. He is an arrogant dictator obsessed with power trying to dominate kingdoms although weakling and a coward. His name is almost a paradox, because it is as small as a normal rabbit unlike others of its kind.

He wears a black mask and cape that parodies the Darth Vader of the Star Wars franchise. To be weak he has a fleet of robots to do their service, and always accompanied by his henchman Zoiudo, a talking dragonfly. Even with their efforts to conquer planets Lord Big Rabbit always fails in his plans for his stupidity and arrogance as well as many villains and takes a beating Monica and her friends at the end.