I do not eat with children!
~ Lord Belasco
(Princess Sarah: You cannot force me to marry you!) But if you do not consent, then Princess Katherine will die!
~ Lord Belasco attempting to pressure Princess Sarah into marriage
You're gonna let him walk after all he's done? (King Arthur: When the hour is nigh, we'll nail him.)
~ Calvin Fueller, after he discovered about Lord Belasco's betrayal

Lord Belasco is the antagonist of the film A Kid in King Arthur's Court.

He was portrayed by Art Malik of True Lies fame.

Lord Belasco is a pompous arrogant traitor to Camelot who wants Princess Sarah and he plans to abduct her and threaten to kill her sister if she refuses.

Lord Belasco is also very conceited, he challenges Calvin to combat no matter what the situation is and he has a score of loyal knights who will stop at nothing to ensure his success.

Belasco kidnaps Princess Katie, sister of Sarah and takes her to his castle wherein Calvin realizes that King Arthur had been duped and Belasco was a traitor. He and Arthur go to get his daughters back and fight Belasco's men.

Lord Belasco is surprised his plan was thwarted but engages in a tournament to legally wed Sarah and take over the kingdom. Lord Belasco wins against each champion but is defeated eventually by Calvin in the tournament and Princess Sarah, who pins his cloak to the ground with an arrow, just when he is about to kill Calvin. King Arthur banished Belasco from Arthur's kingdom and Camelot for good.


You're gonna let him walk after all he's done!?!?
~ Calvin to King Arthur, exasperated
When the hour is nigh, we'll nail him.
~ King Arthur

Lord Belasco was an excellent manipulator, putting evil plans into fruition behind his comrade's backs and then putting on the puppy dog eyes when his plans were revealed in order to make people think he was good. Lord Belasco was an excellent manipulator in that he had manipulated King Arthur's entire government for years into getting him where he wanted in the jousting tournament. Lord Belasco was not a man to do the dirty work - he had a score of loyal knights who would do or die for him. But when the tables were turned, Lord Belasco turned sour, beating Calvin to a pulp on the jousting field and threatening to kill him - "Prepare to meet thy ancestors!" he growled before Princess Katie subdued him.