Lapen, also known by his nickname Loose Cannon Lapen, is a minor antagonist in Skies of Arcadia and a famous black pirate, who torn whole cities with his battle robot Gunarm. He is an adoptive son of blue rogue Centime, but left his father, wanting to become more famous than him.


Early Years

Lapen was an orphan, picked up by a blue rogue Centime, who taught him how to deal with machinery and then, Lapen became a good engineer. However, as Lapen was egoistical, he wanted to become greater than he is, become a legend, and then, he left Centime and built his battle robot Gunarm. Loose Cannon Lapen became a well-known Black Pirate, who teared up the towns with his mecha, and was given a huge bounty for him.

Meeting Vyse

Once in Sailors' Island, he can be seen near the Weapon Shop. If player decides, then Vyse, Aika and Fina interact with him, and the battle follows. Though his battle mecha was increadibly powerful, Lapen has lost to the Blue Rogues and followed Vyse's advice to give up the piracy, as he would become a criminal and not a legend. Lapen then became a well-known engineer.


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