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The Longmans are the minor antagonists from the Red Dwarf novel The Last Human. They are actually group of the original Dr. Michael Longman and his two clones, all horribly mutated.



When the human race has to move to other planet, the scientist Dr. Michael Longman and his two clones organize a mission to save humanity. Their goal is to travel to the chosen planet with a genome that will rewrite DNA and thus turn an inhospitable world into a place where human race can live. The trio of scientists is accompanied by several GELFs and a soldier Michael McGruder that will assist in the process.

When their ship Mayflower crashes, the Longmans are left in its wreck alone. Desperate to survive, they repeatedly transmogrify themselves by the genetic engineering device until their DNA simply gives up. They ends up in mutated, animals-alike bodies: first one is a human with goat's legs, the second is a black cobra with human face and the third is a leopard with human face. They eventually get into the stasis pods for the rest of their lives.

When the Red Dwarf crew locates Mayflower, they find the device and Kryten uses it to fulfill his greatest desire: being a human. Unfortunately, Kochanski then opens the stasis pods, only to awake a terribly mutated scientist and his two clones. Hungry for new DNA, they attempt to attack the crew who luckily manages to escape.

Kryten eventually decides that he wants his mechanoid body back. The crew warily returns to the device, only to learn the android template has been used by the Longman clone with goat's legs. And his other clones, cobra and leopard, want human DNA. They are about to attack the crew when Kryten starts pressing buttons on the device, releasing glass barrels from the ceiling which trap two clones, the Cat and Rimmer inside. The last clone, Longman-leopard, is still free and attacks Kochanski. He claws her, but she manages to use a judo throw to save her herself. Kochanski then uses the luck virus and hits leopard's groin with a rubber band, only for Kryten to trap the clone in the barrel.

The crew turns one of the clones back to his previous form, then gives Kryten his mechanoid body back and quickly leaves Mayflower, with the trapped clones. The Longmans' next fate is unknown.