Long john silver
Long John Silver is a fictional pirate and one of the main characters in Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Bart is supposed to give a book report on Treasure Island as a class assignment, but he doesn't read the book. When Mrs. Krabappel calls on Bart to give his report, he tries to fake his way through it. However, Mrs. Krabappel catches Bart out when she asks him to name the pirate in the book and Bart answers, "Bluebeard."


Bart envisions a future where he never passes the fourth grade, and he and his son Bart Simpson, Jr. are in the same class. Mrs. Krabappel once again calls on Bart Sr. to name the pirate in Treasure Island, and he still can't come up with the name. However, Bart Jr. interrupts and without hesitation correctly answers, "Long John Silver."


  • In "Lisa the Iconoclast," when Lisa tells the "Jubilee Commitee" that Jebediah Springfield is a pirate, a company supporting the event leaves the room with one of the staff saying, "A Pirate!? Well that's hardly the image we want for Long John Silver's !"


  • Bart Gets an "F"