Long Eared Jack is Blitzen's sidekick and the secondary antagonist of the second Robbie the Reindeer film Legend of the Lost Tribe. He was thought to be a master of disguise rabbit but it is revealed at the end of the film he is revealed to be a robot controlled by a Mexican criminal hamster named Carlos. He is voiced by Jeff Goldblum in both British and American versions.

Legend of the Lost Tribe

Jack first appears under the alias of a Internet billionaire named "Warren Hutch" who wishes to stay at the reindeer's hotel.

But is later revealed to be in league with Blitzen and they plan to use the reindeer for the theme park Blitzen's Reindeer World, but later that night whilst Jack, Blitzen and their rabbit henchmen are distracted, Robbie, Donner and Prancer escape so Blitzen sends Jack (under the disguise of mountain tracker Yukon Bob) to get them back. He is able to capture Donner and Prancer easily and also captures Robbie but not before the reindeer tells a group of Vikings about what is happening.

Later after the reindeer have been put into a ride about the history of reindeer, Jack and Blitzen are in the ride's control room, where Jacks asks why Robbie (who is being lowered into a pit full of bear traps) is not wearing a mind control helmet like the other reindeer (which stops them from feeling pain) Blitzen replies that he wants Robbie to feel every moment of it (hinting that he still wishes to harm Robbie to get back at Robbie's father Rudolph).

He is last seen facing off with Prancer who pulls off all of his masks to reveal that Jack is in fact a robot being controlled by a Mexican criminal hamster named Carols who gets thrown into prison along with Blitzen and their henchmen.



  • Jack is similar to Preston from the Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave as both were thought to be real animals only to be revealed near the end of the films to be a robot.