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Lon 1

Lon The Great Zorn

was one of the main protagonist turned main antagonist from the spanish television series Sendokai Champions, He was powerful warrior chosen to the protection of earth who participate during the tournament of masara, to avoid the ascension from the Grand Vizier Sidmodius to becoming the Great Zorn, during the tournament, He gain the affection over his new friends (Speccially over Cloe), due to his lfe from being abadoned over her mother and his father, Acquiring sympatie's from his others partners (Even due to his Reckleness and his agressive attitude over others).


Lon he a dark gottic apearance, In his civilian clother his have blue jeans, and aquamarine formal shirt with a blue necktie, in his warrior uniform he have dark armor over his body with two large shoulder who cover mos part frm his shoulder and the center of his suit he have a red glowing stone,, his hair have the typical "emo" style.


Before of the events previous of the season, Lon was a highly talented child over arts, music and enginering, whoever he have a very solitary childhood due to his parents being divorced and always fighting even in his presence, which in his mind ginving feelings of guilty and becoming in a solitary person his life. Always moving city from city, Lon never gain friends or some to talk, Making him a in a individual with very difficult to talk, He arrongant, stubborn but leveal-headed person over others (Though sometimes making a very impredictable due to his aptitude), During first half he gain a romantics feeling over Cloe (Who which was already in love with Zak), and during the final episode he gain no only becoming more harshly but retainig a strange level of paranoia, clearing his path to the dark side, when he attack fircely over the others his friends believing he was alone, in the final episodes after aquiring the helmet of the great zorn (Which contains power of inmortality he beleievings over protect the earth (And the multiverse) begin to becoming twisted, at the end he become in warped version of what he was, believing in conquering the universe not only will gain peace but protecting the person of that he is in love.


Lon is very lonely, harsh, arrogant and mysterious boy, however, this only hide the person who is in real, a misunderstanding soul who feel gulit over the divorce of his parents, since he think it was his fault, In to the to becoming a solitary person, he aptitude is very aggresive over others always seen sotick, harshly rude, but melancholic, making somewhat remorseful over his actions, However as seen when he attack and briefly imprisoned his remainnigs teammates,He over the time developed some psycological problems who made think that everyone is his enemy, even after Zak tries to saving him from failing over the cliff, he accepted failing to the deep, Although he have in that right minute the helmet of the great zorn (Which have inside the power to granting his user inmortality and (Potentially) invulnerability), after his transformation of the Great Zorn, he become more tyranical, impulsive, aggresive and obsesive, even to the point he kiddnap cloe to stay with him and not with Zak.


  • Lon is similar to Toa Vakama, because both where heroes who become corrupted by a corrupted person (Rodaaka to Vakama, Chronam-Yatt to Cloe), who promised them great power over a legion of enemies.
    • Strangely, He also somewhat resemble Zoom from the Tv Show The Flash:
      • Both suffer from a traumatic childhood who making to them depeloved psychotics personalities (However lon not completely become in a Psycopath)
      • Both fell in love with a girl who latter kiddnaped to try to corrupt her (Caitlin Snow for Zoom, Cloe For Lon, respectively).
      • Both wear outfits who resembles demonic figures, particuraly his Helmets/Masks.
      • Both control a dimesion and a army of Monsters/Metahumans who will anything for them (Zoom control Earth-2 and his army of metahumans, Lon control the Zorn dimension and in extent the zorn empire).
      • Also both can absorb the abilities of the heroes who fight (Zoom absorb the Speed Force of from Flash, Lon absorb (or more accurately copy) the abilities of his teammates).
        • However the differences between the is while Lon have many redeemable qualities and is somewhat sympathetic, Zoom doesn't have any.
  • Interesting enough, The Word "Zorn" is a german word who means Rage, maybe foreshadowing (and matching) the personality of lon and his transformation in the Great Zorn.
  • It's unclear how Lon survive the Neron Sen Fusion without protection, It is more likely he concentrated all his energy to resist the power of the shot to not suffer much damage over him.


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