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Lolo Lombardi is the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Vincent and the main antagonist of Chapter 3 in the video game Bully.

Sexual History

Even before Jimmy showed up to Bullworth, Lola already has a reputation of being the biggest whore of Bullworth Academy (Even Gary called her a whore). Even when she dated Johnny Vincent, she still tried to seduce many other male students, such as Gord from the Preppies.

Role in Game

Lola is first seen during Chapter 1, where she accompanies Johnny and watches Jimmy's fight against Russell. She's also seen once in Chapter 2, waiting in line for the movies with Gord. After Jimmy steals Gord's bike causing him to give chase, Lola leaves in a huff.

Lola's promiscuity is the driving force behind the events through all of Chapter 3.

Jimmy first crosses Lola's path when Johnny, who suspects her of cheating on him with Gord, hires Jimmy to follow her and take pictures of proof. Getting caught does not slow Lola down, as she flirts with Algie so he'll do her homework and Chad so he'll buy her stuff. Lola then begins stirring up trouble between Johnny and Jimmy, first provoking them into a bike race which Jimmy wins and then convincing Jimmy to raid the Greasers' hideout in an abandoned building to get her personal belongings back. She then lets Jimmy know about the rumble between the Greasers and Preps and lambastes him for not participating in it. After beating up Johnny and taking over the Greasers, Jimmy breaks things off with Lola, telling Johnny to "keep that slut" for all he cared. However, he can still kiss her if the player chooses to.

Later in the game, while Johnny is incarcerated, Lola asks people his whereabouts even though she tells Jimmy and Norton that she and Johnny have "split up." Her mood switches rapidly from tears and grief to catty viciousness.


  • She is around 5'7 and 117 lbs.