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Loki is known to be the false god of Asgard, the god who tries to dominate Asgard. Loki after being released from an amphora by Andreas Lise, owns his body and uses this body to become a religious leader of Asgard. But to win Odin, he expects Athena and Hades to start a war for their armies to weaken, and with it, the gold saints could die and be revived by him through life (for it is a grave sin revive someone for Asgardians) to bring their clothes, which serve to supply the Yggdrasil, which spring up the Spear of Gungnir.

It handles the warriors of Asgard lest they rebel, built Odin Sapphires they could control their minds when Loki wanted.

His whole plan ends up being dismantled by Odin himself, who revive the saints gold Lifya possessing and making his representation. This makes Loki can not take the lives of the saints of gold, and the defeat, the trapping back on their amphora using Draupnir.

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