Loki is the most passionate in the crusade to restore his former city by tearing down what man has built. This brawny demon will stop at nothing to assist Diabolico in his mission. Loki was destroyed by Queen Bansheera, who mind controlled Diabolico into blasting him to destroy the Rangers. He is a supporting antagonist in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


5,000 years ago

Five-thousand years, Loki served Queen Bansheera, who ruled over the area that the city of Marnier Bay, would be built over. However, Queen Bansheera was destroyed and left Diabolico in charge in her place. During the time Loki had served Queen Bansheera, he developed a friendship, with Diabolico and Vypra. They continued to terror humans until they were sealed a away by warlock.


Five-thousand years later, some nomad wandering through the desert came across the ruins, where Loki and the demons were sealed. They released the demons from the tomb where the warlock had imprisoned them, then Loki and his demon comrades then returned to the Skull Cavern. Once free, Loki had explained to Diabolico about how humans had build the Mariner Bay over the grounds where Queen Bansheera's palace once was. Enraged by this, Loki, along Diabolico and Vypra, became determined to destroy Mariner Bay and rebuild Queen Bansheera's palace. However, a government organization known as Lightspeed Rescue had five civilians with special skills to become the Lightspeed Power Rangers. Loki's plans to destroy the city then failed when the Power Rangers destroyed the monsters he and the others used to destroy Mariner Bay.

After Queen Bansheera returned to them in spiritual form, Loki and the other became more determined to destroy Mariner Bay and the Power Rangers. When Diabolico was destroyed by the rangers when he tired to defeat them himself, Loki and Vypra were upset about this but then Queen Bansheera gave Diabolico's powers, the Star power, to her infant son, Prince Impus, who then matured into Prince Olympius.


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