Lokar is an enemy of Space Ghost in the original Hanna-Barbera series. He is a giant locust who uses an army of space locusts to destroy ships. He also has gigantic metal locusts to attack his enemies. Although he was a One-Shot villain in the original series, he became a recurring villain in Space Ghost Coast to Coast where he is prone to violent outbursts and speaks in a British voice. Lokar seems to harbor a grudge towards Space Ghost, and constantly seeks his destruction, perhaps more for his boorishness than anything else. He is also in a long-running feud with Zorak. Lokar is a member of the Council of Doom, though he's not so much evil as a snob. The episode "Pilot" revealed that he was originally going to be the band leader of the show instead of Zorak.

Lokar (Space Ghost)

As seen in Space Ghost Coast to Coast