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Lokar is the main antagonist of the TV series Redakai: Conquer the Kairu. Lokar is the grandfather of Maya. He has light purple skin with purple energy, flowing through his body and wears a red robe.

Background Information

Lokar was once a warrior, trained in the ways of the Kairu with his old adversary, Master Baoddai, who both later become members of the Redakai Council. Lokar proved himself skillful, and intelligent in the ways of the Kairu, but he later discovered the dark side of it. He decided to make himself stronger by giving up his soul, in order to separate the good Kairu from the evil, which resulted in the creation of the Shadow Kairu. It was not long after the Baoddai, and the rest of the council found out about this. For his treason, the council had banished him for creating the Shadow Kairu. Ever since then, Lokar had perfected the effects of the Shadow Kairu and taught it to a group of evil teens as his warriors to destroy Baoddai's warriors.


Maya Goes Bad

He first appeared in the second episode, Maya Goes Bad, when his followers brought his granddaughter Maya towards him.


  • He shares similarities to Ajunta Pall.
    • Ajunta Pall discovered the dark side of the force, for which he was exiled from the Jedi Order; Lokar created Shadow Kairu, which he was banished from the council.