Lois Wilkerson is a major character and (possibly) the main antagonist in the popular comedy series Malcolm In The Middle and although the mother of the titular protagonist was often portrayed as a control freak and a tyrant - this was due to her overzealous approach to parenting, that while well intention, was overbearing and sometimes more than a little crazed.

Lois was originally very sweet nature and a bit of a pushover, but when she caught a young Francis Wilkerson trying to set his teddy bear on fire, she became the dictatorial figure that Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey know and fear, though she does so not out of malice but a genuine (if misguided) belief that she must force her sons to behave in order to protect them from harm.

Lois has also been shown to have a miserable childhood and this in turn explains somewhat more why she acts the way she does - though in the eyes of both Malcolm and (somewhat ironically) Francis, Lois was a very negative influence on their life and her unhealthy desire to win every argument, no matter how outrageous or petty, has made her the bane of many at some point in the series.

It's implied that she doesn't even bother to explain what the children do wrong. Mostly she is usually a pushy academic parent to Malcolm. Mostly she always thinks she gets her way with Malcolm. But he doesn't a lot of times. Mostly she is usually trying to groom him to be president of the united states of America in the near future.