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The Loggers are supporting antagonists in Rio 2. They serve as Big Boss's workers/henchmen.


The Loggers are workers who work for Big Boss by helping him take down the trees in the Amazon and try not to be found out by the authorities.

In Rio 2

One of the loggers were ordered by Big Boss to stop Linda and Tulio from finding the blue macaws and the rest cutting down the trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Later on Blu and Edwardo spotted one of them getting close to the tribe, then Edwardo finds out that Blu was a companion and tells Roberto to stay alert causing the loggers are getting close to them.

They find Linda and Tuilo and ties them up to a tree and continues to take down the trees, they get in vehicles and start destroying more of the rainforest, Roberto gets in the way of them but Blu saves him then tells him to warns the others that the loggers are coming.

Then in the climax, the loggers try to destroy the rest of the rainforest and try killing the blu macaws, but get help from the scarlet macaws in order to save the rainforest

One of them in a crane tries to kill Edwardo who is then saved by Linda, then they get easily defeated by the blu and scarlet macaws leaving Big Boss to get eaten by a snake.