The Lodge Sergeant-At-Arms is the main antagonist of the 1996 video game, Harvester. He is the person who gives Steve his tasks as part of his initiation into the Order of the Harvest Moon. The tasks are increasingly mean-spirited in nature, such as instructing Steve to scratch Mr. Johnson's prized Tucker, stealing a piece of fabric from the firemen, stealing Mr. Pastorelli's prized barber pole, and finally, burning down DNA's Diner. These last two tasks indirectly result in death, but the Sergeant-At-Arms does not care, and is in fact quite pleased with Steve's work. He then gives Steve his Lodge invitation, which is a skull and spinal chord which appears to be that of Stephanie, the other protagonist of the game. Steve then fights his way through the Lodge, killing many people in the process, including Stephanie's father, Mr. Pottsdam. When Steve makes it to the Sergeant-At-Arms, it is revealed that he is holding Stephanie captive, and that both she and Steve are actually in a virtual reality sim designed by an organization known as the Harvesters. The purpose of the sim is to desensitize Steve to killing in order to turn him into a serial killer in the real world. The Sergeant-At-Arms gives Steve the choice of either killing Stephanie and escaping to the real world to become a serial killer, or sparing her and spending the rest of their lives in Harvest (they would die in minutes in the real world, but to them, it would feel as though they were living out their full lives).