The Locust

One of the Locusts that always shouts "suffer!".

~ The Locusts' famous catchphrase.

The Locusts as they are simply called, are demonic shouting locusts from the depths of Hell that simply yell "suffer!" and came upon the unsuspecting Earth as they constantly attack and torture everyone during the reign of "The Beast", and they are on of the villains of the 2013 apocalyptic, supernatural fantasy/comedy movie Rapture-Palooza (also known as Ecstasy).

Though they were not the type of locusts described in the Christian Bible's Book of Revelation, these locusts however were being unleashed from hell as they play a role in God's punishment of the unjust world after everyone else who are innocent, were taken to Heaven during the Rapture while millions were left to their doom.

The Locusts were somehow no more as they died out so suddenly after the final battle between Earl Gundy/Satan and God ended in their sudden demise due to the actions of 2 benevolent mortal humans Ben House and his girlfriend Lindsey Lewis  who both ultimately saved the world from the Biblical Apocalypse.