Aaron Verne, also known as Locus, is a villain in the Marvel comics.


Locus was a bank teller who was obsessed with geometry. He spent his entire life fascinated by the study of
shapes, but he lacked the money to go to college. His job as a bank teller didn’t last long, he got fired for daydreaming. When he continued daydreaming at his house, he found the shapes he imagined becoming reality. He returned to the bank and broke through a wall using a cylindrical battering ram, and he then took all the employees into a corner and created a prison by using his new-found geometry powers.

Donald Blake was among the prisoners. He sneaked into a back room and transformed into Thor. He confronted Locus as he left the bank. Locus almost managed to force Thor back into his normal form by taking away his hammer. Locus then captured a woman in a sphere, threatening to drop her if Thor didn’t surrender. Thor managed to fool Locus into thinking he surrendered and Locus and the woman both fell, but Thor managed to save the woman. Locus hit the pavement and was taken away by an ambulance.