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Lockdown's Faceless Mercenaries are a group of Cybertronian bounty hunters working for Lockdown. They serve as minor antagonists of Transformers: Age of Extinction.


Lockdown's mercenaries all look like Lockdown except they don't have faces, only red system management lines.

In the film

They first appeared during Lockdown's rendezvous with Harold Attinger, on top of Lockdown's ship. Their next appearance takes place in Lockdown's ship where they hunt down for intruders in the ship who turn out to be Tessa, Shane, Cade, and the Autobots. A majority of them were shot and killed by Cade. After Cade and his family escaped aboard a ship with Crosshair and Bumblebee, they then participated in a chase around Chicago. Their last appearance took place when Lockdown was scolding them for letting Optimus Prime escape.