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Lock, Shock & Barrel are the (former) secondary antagonists from Tim Burton's 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas. They were Oogie Boogie's former henchmen.

Video Game Appearances

Kingdom Hearts

Lock, Shock & Barrel (Kingdom Hearts)

Lock, Shock and Barrel in Kingdom Hearts

As well as their role in the film, Lock, Shock and Barrel has also appeared as bosses in various video games, the more notable probably being Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, they stole an artificial Heart from Dr. Finkelstein to give to Oogie. However, they were soon captured, without the Heart. After their battle, they reluctantly revealed tips on how to defeat Oogie. It was assumed that they left the mansion afterwards, since they were seen in Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts II

First Visit

In Kingdom Hearts II, it was revealed that they became Dr. Finkelstein's assistants. When they went out to play, they came across Maleficent and told her of Oogie Boogie's fate. Maleficent revived Oogie and gave them control of the Prison Keeper Heartless as a distraction for Sora and company.

Second Visit

In the second visit, they were blamed for stealing Christmas Presents from Santa. In the inevitable chase afterward, the heroes discovered the truth when they told them about Dr. Finkelstein's experiment.




  • Their names were a play on the figure of speech lock, stock, and barrel, meaning "all", "total", and "everything."
  • In Kingdom Hearts, after the mutation of Oogie's lair, it is unknown what happened with Lock, Shock & Barrel, because they were defeated by Sora inside Oogie's lair. However, in the other games of the series, it is revealed that they survived.
  • In The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge, it is unknown what happened with Lock, Shock & Barrel, because, after they transport Jack to the Christmas Town, they aren't seen again in the videogame. However, they could be probably exiled from Halloween Town by Jack.
  • In a deleted scene of the film; Lock, Shock & Barrel are surprised by Jack while they are in the elevator cage. For this reason, they chip vacuum, leaving their fates unknown. This deleted scene also explains because Jack found the elevator cage under the bridge entrance.
  • In the Russian version of the film, Shock was voiced by a male actor.

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