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Lock Shock and Barrel

Lock, Shock, and Barrel
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Oogie Boogie's henchmen
Favorite Hobby
Making Pranks
Kidnap Santa Claus
Type of Villains
Kid Villains, Henchmen, Not So Evil Villains

Lock, Shock & Barrel are the (former) secondary antagonists The Nightmare Before Christmas. They are Oogie Boogie's former henchmen.

Videogame appearances

Kingdom Hearts series

Lock, Shock & Barrel (Kingdom Hearts)

Lock, Shock and Barrel in Kingdom Hearts

As well as their role in the film, Lock, Shock and Barrel has also appeared as bosses in various video games, the more notable probably being in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts

In Kingdom Hearts, they steal an artificial heart from Dr. Finkelstein to give to Oogie. However, they are soon captured, without the heart. After their battle, they reluctantly reveal tips on how to defeat Oogie. It is assumed they leave the mansion afterwards, since they are seen in Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts II

First Visit

In Kingdom Hearts II, it is revealed that they became Dr. Finkelstein's assistants. When they go out to play, they come across Maleficent and tell her of Oogie Boogie's fate. Maleficent revives Oogie and gives them control of the Prison Keeper Heartless as a distraction for Sora and company.

Second Visit

In the second visit, they are blamed for stealing Christmas presents from Santa. In the inevitable chase afterwards, the heroes discover the truth when they tell them about Dr. Finkelstein's Experiment.


  • Their names are a play on the figure of speech lock, stock, and barrel, meaning "all", "total", and "everything."

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