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Do not try to escape. You are in my control. Look at me: I am the sum of all evils. Look carefully. My power infests all times, all galaxies, all dimensions. But many still seek me out; a green jewel they must possess. But see how I destroy their lives.
~ The Loc-Nar explains itself to the young girl.

The Loc–Nar is the central villain of the 1981 adult animated film Heavy Metal, which is based on a pulp comic book franchise of the same name. Its form is that of a basketball–sized glowing green sphere, and it describes itself as "the sum of all evils" and can melt people upon contact.

At the beginning of the film, it is found by an astronaut named Grimaldi, but then kills him in his home when he tries to handle it and then attacks his daughter, forcibly telling her horrific stories that all involve it in some way, which form the bulk of the movie.


The Loc-Nar is of unknown origin. It seems to be an intergalactic traveller and seems to desire to consume everything it approaches.

First appearance

Humans had inevitably gained the power of the Loc-Nar and have used it as a defense-military mechanism, but the astronaut found the Loc-Nar in space after it had consumed a Mafia agent who sought it. The Loc-Nar was leaving Earth but it needed to kill its rival, the ancient's girl. The Loc-Nar then killed her father in the and recited all the stories it had caused.

Second appearance

The Loc-Nar's second appearance is in the future in New York City in the year 2031. Harry Canyon, a taxicab driver, runs into a redhead woman running from a gangster named Rudnick and his two men who have killed her father, who had discovered an ancient artifact called the Loc-Nar. Harry and the redhead woman are able to make a deal with Rudnick and sell it to him. The Loc-Nar melts Rudnick's body and the woman tries to betray Harry by taking the money, but he uses his taxicab self-defense ray, disintegrating her.

Third appearance

The Loc-Nar's third appearence was during another alien planet where the leaders were fighting for the Loc-Nar. However, Den, a human from Earth arrived to stop the slaughter and ended the mindless violence the Loc-Nar was generating.

Fourth appearance

The Loc-Nar's fourth appearence was on Earth during the 1940s where it pursued planes during the War. It was registered by the men as "some sort of green meteor." The Loc-Nar crashed into the ship and infected the dead crew; reanimating them as zombies possessed by the Loc-Nar. They caused the ship to crash and thus the survivors were killed by the zombies.

Fifth appearance

Sixth appearance

Seventh appearance

The Loc-Nar crashed into a volcano and consumed all the local inhabitants when the volcano erupted green lava; which was the Loc-Nar. The lava then infected/possessed the nearby people and turned them into barbarians who sought to kill the local citizens of the capital. The possessed besieged the city for weeks. Finally there was only one woman, Taarna, who could save them, yet when she got there she found the capital massacred by the Loc-Nar. She was captured and made to fight the possessed barbarians; and she managed to kill their leader, by using his chainsaw against him. Taarna then flies into the Loc-Nar, sacrificing herself.

Trying to kill the young girl, but somehow malfunctioned upon remembering its previous defeat and thus exploded. However the young girl escaped and realized she had destroyed the demon and becomes the next Taarakian.