Mr. Lloyd Waterman is a supporting character turned the final antagonist in The Cleveland Show and the owner of Waterman Cable. He is voiced by Bruce McGill.


Mr. Waterman is often depicted as being slightly or sometimes bluntly racist. When he was first introduced to Cleveland, he was put off by his skin color, which he refers to as "hue". When he threw a Christmas party in "A Cleveland Brown Christmas", he hid his silver before the Browns arrived, and he offered Cleveland two free basketball tickets in "A Short Story and a Tall Tale" simply because he thought African Americans like the sport. In "Who Done Did It?" he kills his wife and frames Cleveland in But when he tries to take off with his gay lover the coroner, they are caught by LeVar Brown and the family. This would be the last appearance of Mr. Waterman on The Cleveland Show.

Waterman's death likely lead to Waterman Cable shutting down, which may have contributed to Cleveland's decision to move back to Quahog.