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"Man is capable of evil on his own. He has enough greed and arrogance to choose the dark road over the light. I'll win in the end!"

Llan is a Marvel comics supervillain and one of the many demonic beings claiming to be an embodiment of evil, he is primarily an enemy of Alpha Flight due to the fact that he is the immortal enemy of Talisman.

A great, terrible being of magic and mayhem Llan manifests on Earth every ten thousand or so years to challenge Talisman over the fate of humanity, as long as Talisman successfully overpowers Llan humanity is spared : if Talisman was to lose against Llan he would gain mastery over humanity and destroy it completely.

As can be expected for an embodiment of evil he commits extremely terrible acts but one of the worst recorded atrocities he did was infect a little girl with a demon, causing her to go on a rampage and when said demon was removed from the girl she died : he also massacred an entire village just to make sure Talisman knew he had returned.