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Lizary Horror


Lizary (リザリー Rizarī): is a Horror and one of disturbing antagonists of Garo Franchise. It appears in Garo: Makai no Hana episode Rising as main villain.

Personality and Traits

Because its host Mikimoto (ミキモト) was a disturbed university student whom took nude photos of the women he killed and raped in his serial killing, this inspire the Horror whom possessed him to target innocent women whom come for it’s territory as its prey in daily basis. After feeding from their bodily fluids, it cleaned their corpses, taking their nude photos as “trophy”, and stored their remains in lab's closet. These inhumane acts, as well as Lizary’s own disgust on all life, made the hero Raiga furious so much that he vows to destroyed it at once, which he succeeds with Crow’s aid.

Unlike other Horrors, Lizary didn’t immediately taking over its host’s mind upon possession due to the longer time it required for developed it’s evolved form where during the developement stage, the Horror was too weak. For this, it induces hallucination on Mikimoto’s mind where from the moment he was possessed, he perceived the experience where he met a stoic, emotionless woman whom he nurse back to health where she had disturbing taste on eating raw insects. Later this emotionless woman killed his friend much to his horror before entered cocoon state where she emerges as her adult self.

The Horror’s true evolved form is an humanoid insect-like being whom can fires acidic bolts from it’s mouth, can scaled walls. Unfortunately, these capabilities are the only abilities that it had, due to it immediately killed by Crow and Garo.


After raping a young woman and killed her, Mikimoto's depraved actions resulting her corpse become Inga Gates that allowed Lizary's incorporeal form possessed the man and rendered him in hallucination as it developed and performed killing spree as it target innocent girls, took their nude photos, and dump their corpses at lab's closet.

Mikimoto's Illusion

Mikimoto's on-screen debut, which of course, hallucinations that the developed Lizary put on his mind upon the possession, showed him found a girl and brings her to his school's Natural Science Lab. He nurses her back to health by feeding her the animals in the lab and sponge bathing her. The woman then sheds her skin, much to Mikimoto's surprise.

Mikimoto wakes up the next morning and continues to tend to the girl until one of his classmates comes. He tries to hide her, but his classmate finds a bra and clothes, and the door the girl was hiding in opens. The girl then kills the classmate by feeding on him with insectoid proboscis that suck his bodily fluids, before going into a cocooned state. Mikimoto takes the cocoon and flees. After Mikimoto takes her to a warehouse attic, the girl exits the cocoon and the two make out, Mikimoto stating he wants to be devoured by her so he can be with her forever. That's the moment the heroes found him and had Mayuri dispelled the hallucination that Lizary put on his mind.

Short Rise to Power and Defeat

Upon realizing what just happened, it was too late: Lizary now taking full control over Mikimoto then mocks his victims, enciting Raiga's wrath just as it revealed it's true form and attacks Mayuri with acid bolts, only to be deflected aside by Kuro with his Makai Armor that ended up melting nearby empty barrels instead. Crow then tossed lighting infused shuriken to caused it fell back to the floor but this is just the beginning: Raiga, as Garo, infuses his sword from the energy from the tossed shuriken and he and Crow simultaneously cleaves Lizary into 2, killing it.