The Lizard of Oz, sometimes known as the Brain of Oz, is the second boss in the video game Gex: Deep Cover Gecko. He has the appearance of a large brain with a face. Gex must avoid his fireballs while fighting the Rezlings, and when a cannon appears, Gex must fire the cannon at him to damage him. Five hits will destroy him.


The Brain of Oz is the second boss of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko and must be defeated in order to gain access to Funky Town. He appears to be an alternate version of the Wizard, albiet a malignant one, though he partly resembles the Martians from Mars Attacks!. The location of this fight, most obviously, is within the Emerald City's castle from The Wizard of Oz (hence the pun in the level name). During the fight, Gex takes the form of the Tin Man.

Appearance and inspiration


Not much is known as to the Brain of Oz's history, but he presumably served as Rez's right-hand after Mooshoo Pork's passing. Oddly enough, the Brain of Oz predates Deep Cover Gecko by a year. In the special ending of Enter the Gecko, one of the "Enemy Ideas" showed a design for what may have possibly been a prototype version of the boss which never made it into that game but has done in the third.


Lions, Tigers and Gex

You simply dodge the fireballs he spits out and any Rezlings that appear (the pre-battle hint says "Watch out for pesky Rezlings"). It's a little difficult considering that the fireballs home in on Gex and the Rezlings follow him. A cannon will appear in a random area of the stage and Gex needs to go on it and fire the cannonball on the Brain of Oz. Repeat until he is defeated.


  • He is an obvious reference to the Wizard of Oz, and his arena is the Emerald City.