Lizard Lizard is the main antagonist and occasional anti-hero of the children's magazine comic Gorilla Gorilla.


He is the arch enemy of the titular character and fights him constantly. However, unbeknownst to either character, their archenemy is in fact their roommate. When not fighting each other, Lizard Lizard and Gorilla Gorilla are simply Lizard and Gorilla. The roommates are good friends and normally maintain their friendship. Lizard is normally kind, polite and friendly however, if Lizard's anger levels rise too high, he undergoes a monstrous transformation and becomes Lizard Lizard. As Lizard Lizard, Lizard has no control over his body or mind and will destroy everything he sees. When this happens, Gorilla at will transforms into Gorilla Gorilla and fights his enemy/friend. Lizard Lizard proves to be formidable opponent as sometimes he defeats Gorilla Gorilla. However, Lizard Lizard has occasionally fought alongside his archenemy against more evil villains such as aliens or more evil monsters. The comics also show that the Lizard Lizard transformation is temporary and Lizard Lizard will eventually change back into Lizard though it is unknown how. Neither Lizard or Gorilla is aware the other is their archenemy, though they have often suspected.


Lizard Lizard has similarities to The Incredible Hulk and the Spirits Inverse Form.

  • All three are normally good natured individuals but when their negative emotions reach too high they turn into monsters with no control over their minds or bodies.
  • And all three are normally protagonists when not transformed

Lizard Lizard also has similarities to Godzilla.

  • Both are giant lizards who destroy cities, however if there is a greater danger they will fight it. It is likely Lizard Lizard is a parody of Godzilla