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A vicious lizard was seen in the 1993 film of Happily Ever After. It is presumably the pet of Lord Maliss.


The lizard has purple scales, sharp teeth, spikes, sharp claws, and a long tail.


It was first seen when it was climbing on the tower to attack Snow White, then Maliss decides to "warm her up" with his red cloak. The Prince (as a shadow man) suddenly appears as he whacks Maliss, then he grabs Snow White away from the red cloak as it falls on the lizard, which turns it to stone. When Snow White removed the cloak off the lizard, she realized that the cloak turned it to stone. It is unknown if the lizard turned back to normal after Lord Maliss was defeated.


  • It maybe a possibility that the lizard did turned back to normal since destroying Maliss's cloak would be the only way to reverse the effects of those who turned to stone, although Maliss himself stayed in his petrified state permanently.