Livia Saint

Livia Saint is a supporting antagonist in the 2004 film The Punisher. She is the wife of Howard Saint.


After Howard found out who Castle really was, he ordered his execution, but she then further ordered the entire family of Frank Castle to be murdered along side him when her son was killed during one of Castle's undercover operations. She disrespects Mickey Duka mistreatingly for her son's death, because of his imbecility law-breaking finance deeds fouled up. Castle, however, emerged the lone survivor of his family's massacre five months later.

Thanks to information given by Mickey Duka, through her weekly activities, Frank sets her up to trick Howard into believing that Livia was having an affair with his best friend, Quentin Glass, who unbeknownst to Howard was a closeted homosexual. After murdering Quentin in a jealous rage, Howard confronted Livia about the "affair" and showed her Quentin's body wrapped in a carpet. Horrified, she revealed to Howard that Quentin was gay but he didn't believe her. Howard threw Livia over a bridge. Landing on a train track, she had no hope of escape and was subsequently killed by an oncoming train.

Livia did not know that she was being set up by Frank Castle as part of his mission of revenge and punishment.


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