Live Corp ("live" actually being "evil" spelled backwards) is an advanced science company located on an isle west of the San Franjose (an amalgam of San Francisco and San Jose) coast and it is owned by Chester V.

Known Employees and Staff Members

Those that work for Live Corp.

  • Chester V, CEO
  • Thinkquanauts, the elites of the Company itself, most loyal to the CEO.
  • Sentinel Louise, a sentinel operator
  • Sentinal Peter
  • Labcoat Jenny
  • Barb (former)
  • Idea Pants Guy, scientist
  • Flint Lockwood (formerly)
  • Steve (formerly)
  • Fintly McCallahan, a newly picked Thinkquanauts from the ceremony in the company Auditorium.


Areas and apparatus within the Headquarters and Live Corp related structures.

Live Corp HQ

The main headquarters off the coast of San Franjose.

  • Scientist Cubicles
  • Iconic light Bulb dome
  • Courtyard
  • Audortorium
  • Main Lobby
  • Vollyball Platform
  • Motavation Pod
  • Refill Hub
  • Live Corp CEO hover office
  • Innotubes

Live Corp Jungle Outpost

An outpost used to settle employees tasked on operations in Swallow Falls, before its abandonment.

  • Snack bar
  • Poving Grounds

Live Corp Food Factory

A factory used to harvest food animals for food bars, off the coast of Swallow Falls.

  • Food Animal Vault
  • Iconic light Bulb dome
  • Processing Hub
  • Super Sized Food Bar Machine
  • Loading dock


Vehicles and drive-able things that Live Corp uses.

  • Live Corp Helicopter
  • Live Corp Hoverscooter
  • Sentinel of Safety
  • Live Corp Employee Bus
  • Live Corp All Terrain Transport
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