Hello, Mr. Shen. Or should I say, Officer Shen. My name is Mr. Tong. Perhaps you've heard of me?
~ Liu Shen Tong

Liu Shen Tong or Mr. Tong is a legendary and feared assassin, interrogator and enforcer within the Sun On Yee Triad. He is employed by The Sun On Yee Red Pole Henry "Big Smile" Lee as his head enforcer because of his violent and brutal acts against anyone he is paid to target. Tong's work and methods strike fear into even the most hardened Sun On Yee enforcers. He is known to brutally torture and mutilate his victims for days before finally burying them alive. He serves as a supporting antagonist in the 2012 Video Game Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs

After a Civil war begins in the Sun On Yee it is discovered by Big Smile Lee that one of the men working for him is an undercover Police officer. Lee brings Tong in and has him torture him for two days, by using power tools and cutting out one of his eyes. Tong then murders the man by burying him alive, the death of this officer and the failure of his mission forces the HKPD to plant another undercover within the Sun On Yee this time using a local man who grew up with many of the Triads, Wei Shen.

Shen causes many problems for Lee and his operations. and after the death of the current Sun On Yee Chairman, Uncle Po, Shen works with the other Triad Red Poles to keep Lee from becoming the new Chairman. After attempting , and failing, to rig the election for new Chairman, an enraged Lee has Tong find and kidnap Shen's best friend, Jackie Ma. Tong proceeds to bury Jackie alive in the beach of an island. However Wei is able to find Jackie in time before he suffocates to death.

After hearing of Jackie's rescue Tong kidnaps him once more, but this time disembowels Jackie and leaves him hanging in an alley where he bleeds to death. After luring Wei to Jackie's corpse he has him knocked unconscious and brought to an apartment complex that is under construction. Tong then revealed to Wei that he was aware of his status as an undercover cop thanks to his corrupt superior officer Thomas Pendrew, he then proceeds to torture Wei with a power drill and a scalpel until he, once again, falls unconscious. After waking up Wei manages to escape and kill many of Tong's men on his way to the bottom level of the complex. Tong meets Wei at the bottom level in a sauna where he attacks Wei with a large machete. The two men duel until Wei gets the upper hand and impales Tong through the chest with his own machete, Wei then beats Tong to death with his bare hands out of revenge for his brutal murder of Wei's friend Jackie.