Little Tailor
is the true antagonist of the video-game "Fairytale Fights" and acts as the player-controlled hero's rival throughout the game as well as the final boss.

A hero obsessed with fame, Little Tailor stalks the player-controlled hero throughout the game and lets them do all the life-threatening hardwork before swooping in after every victory to steal the prize and claim the glory for himself.

It was he who stole the kettle of porridge from the hero after they defeated the Candy Witch and he who stole the sole surviving princess to be his wife despite the hero being the one who fought the Giants and understandably he is a very dislikable character as a result. He is also a smug little monster who is knowledgable in the dark arts, as he drinks a potion that transforms him into a horrible gingerbread man-like monster as well as a flying monstrosity akin to an evil-fairy.

Little Tailor even goes one step further in his second round when he literally transforms into a horribly mutated version of a Fairy Godmother and attacks the hero relentlessly. After these grisly forms are defeated, Little Tailor uses his potion to mutate into a twisted parody of Beaver Boss and flies around causing mayhem, complete with fire-breath. As if this wasn't horrific enough, Little Tailor occassionally morphs back to a more humanlike form only to blast the hero with magic that turns them to ice.

However Little Tailor's final transformation is the most terrifying of all as he loses all sanity and becomes a demonic giant capable of firing a deadly rain of spikes at the hero as well as spinning amazingly fast to form localised tornadoes.

In the end though, Little Tailor is no match for the hero, who survives long enough to see the dark magic fade and Little Tailor panics upon losing all his power: resulting in him being punched into a cart by the hero, which proceeds to roll into the fairytale village and crash into the statue. As a result, a book drops that shows the true hero of the story and Little Tailor is exposed as a fraud to the angry residents, yet he manages to escape by feigning injury. However his arrogance got the better of him when he taunted the villagers upon leaving, the Little Tailor was promptly flattened under a pile of books when Father Giant arrives (now sporting an eyepatch) to collect a book - thankfully the giant doesn't attack and wanders back to Giant Kingdom.