Little Girl Sawyer is the daughter/sister of Leatherface, the sister/niece of Alfredo Sawyer, Tex Sawyer and Tinker Sawyer, the grand-daughter of Mama Sawyer and the great-grand daughter of Grandpa Sawyer, she is a minor antagonist of the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.


Little Girl meets Michelle after she encounters the house where Little Girl lives, minutes later, Little Girl is revealed to be a traitor, she helps Tex into tricking Michelle.

After Benny attacks their house, killing Mama Sawyer, Tinker Sawyer and later Tex Sawyer, Little Girl is seen to be trapped in the house, however, she may survived with the help of Leatherface.

It is unknown what happened to Little Girl afterwards.


  • Little Girl is the youngest villain in the film, maybe in the entire franchise.
  • Little Girl, along with Leatherface, is the only villain that survives in the film.


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