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I'll Murdalize you!
~ Little Eddie' main quote

Little Eddie is the very first boss in the video game Madworld. He's ranked 198 on DeathWatch. Little Eddie is a oversize mutant that carries a giant ball-and-chain.


Little Eddie fights with a giant chain flail. He uses it by spinning the chain, inflicting damage to anyone near him. He also uses his weight by jumping rather high and slamming down to the ground. During the power struggle, Little Eddie will try to crush Jack with his bare hands. After Jack manages to get of Eddie's grip, Jack jumps in the air and rams his chainsaw into Eddie's face, stunning him for a few seconds.

Little Eddie's Finisher

At the end of the fight, Jack Cayman will perform the finisher. Jack will grab Little Eddie's ball-and-chain and start swinging onto Eddie's face several times. After that Jack processed to slam the ball-and-chain onto Eddie's head killing him a few second later.




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