Bunny Foo Foo in Wee Sing The Big Rock Candy Mountains


Bunny Foo Foo torturing the Meecy Mice

Little Bunny Foo Foo is the animal villain named after the children's song title. In the Wee Sing movie The Big Rock Candy Mountains, Bunny Foo Foo always tortures the Meecy Mice until he learns a lesson that it's not nice to torture friends, especially animals.

Of course, in Xuxa's Portuguese version (Coelhinho Fufu) and its Spanish translation (El Conejito Fufu), though he still scoops up the little mice, he gives them big kisses (painfully due to his buckteeth) and drops them before every chance. He is always lectured by the Fairy Godmother. Every time he does this, he uses up a chance. Once his last chance is used up, he is turned into a duckling.