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Little Bill Daggett is the main antagonist in the 1992 film Unforgiven. He is the cruel, manipulative and brutal sheriff of the town of Big Whiskey.

He was portrayed by Gene Hackman who also portrayed Lex Luthor in Superman and General Mandible in Antz.


Little Bill is a ruthless sheriff who uses any means necessary to keep crime away from his town, Big a Whiskey. He is abusive towards the prostitutes in his town and is particularly brutal with his enemies, as shown when he severely beats William Munny after his arrival to the town and when he later kills his partner Ned.

After hearing of Ned's murder at the hands of Little Bill, Munny confronts the sheriff and his men in the saloon. Following a gunfight, Little Bill is wounded but still attempts to kill Munny with a concealed pistol. Munny catches him and aims a rifle at his head, and as Little Bill curses him, Munny fires one final shot to finish him off.