I hate you! I wish you were dead!
~ Little Beast resenting Earl Gundy/The Beast.

Little Beast is the son of the Antichrist Earl Gundy (better known as The Beast) and a minor character in the 2013 apocalyptic, supernatural fantasy-comedy movie Rapture-Palooza (also known as Ecstasy). He hates his neglectful father and tolerated his unholy reign of terror after the Rapture happened.

He was portrayed by Bjorn Yearwood.

Ever the Beast rose to power and took over the world when the Great Tribulation came, Little Beast, who was born from an incomplete union between the Beast and an unnamed Earthly woman, has been a complete spoil brat, buying extravagant things and toys at his father's expense. The two still hated each other.

Little Beast was present at the pool at his father's mansion, demanding pool contractor Mr. Walt House of "special requirements" for the pool area, while Earl Gundy's devious and "romantic" attention was caught by a glance at Ben House's beloved (and even virginal) girlfriend who still resists the Beast's difficult advances. Little Beast was sent back by his father to their house.