Lisaile Fireweaver

Lisaile Fireweaver is a contact between the Kael'thas' blood elves and the fel orcs of the Bonechewer in the Warcraft franchise.

Kael'thas sent Lisaile to the fel orc stronghold to give out orders to the fel orc leader. She's set in the building in the camp surrounded by non elites. She will have 3 retinues in the same room. If someone else clears the room, she will respawn before any of her retinues. Though a group of Bonechewer Marauders spawns around that side of the building. She is a caster-type mob and can be pulled so by counterspell or silencing.

Before she left the fel orc stronghold, she was ambushed by a group of adventurers. Lisalie put up a fight against her attackers but was killed before she leaves the fel orc camp again. There is a small note near her that can easily be missed.