Of course, you're one of them too.
~ Karen York to Lisa Roselli, one of Delia York's followers.

Lisa Roselli is the nanny and also satanic protector of Delia York.

She was portrayed by Andrea Mann.

Miss Roselli who was a former nurse recommended by Dr. Louis Hastings to Gene York and his wife, was introduced to the York family after the recent death of their previous nanny Josephine. Delia quickly grow fond of her nanny as she too respected her as well. She takes care of both Delia and soon her new born baby brother Alex. But there was more too to it then Lisa's better qualities as a nanny. Delia shows great affection and kindness to her baby brother Alex in the eyes of both Gene and Karen York since Lisa's arrival.

Soon after she killed her physcian Dr. Hastings who is a Satanic follower of Delia's birth father, she went back home to kill both Delia and Alex.