Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell was an FBI agent who appeared on the third and final season of The Following. She would serve as a plot twist minor villainess in the series finale "The Reckoning".

She was portrayed by Diane Neal.

Lisa Campbell first appeared in the episode, "Demons," originally to help Ryan Hardy on his pursuit of serial killer Theo Noble. Lisa turned heel in the series finale, "The Reckoning," when she was revealed as a mole planted inside the FBI by Eliza, who was part of a sinister organization. Lisa planted a tracking device on Ryan Hardy's vehicle, which led to Eliza finding him with serial killer Theo Noble.

After Lisa and Eliza talk on the phone, the former leaves with Max Hardy to follow Theo's trail, with Max unaware of Lisa's true role. Max tells Lisa to call for back-up, but unbeknownst to Max, the evil Lisa took out her gun with intent on killing her. Lisa is later taken by Theo and forced to co-operate with him, and she is later found by Ryan and Max with a gunshot wound.

At the end of the episode, Ryan finds Lisa hospitalized and confronts her over her actions, which led to the deaths of several agents. Lisa talks about how some serial killers are protected and have large financial means to commit their murders, but she does not give Ryan any information about Eliza or her organization. She is later (assumingly) killed by Ryan.


  • "Demons"
  • "A Simple Trade"
  • "The Reckoning"