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Lionel Herkabe is an antagonist in Malcolm in the Middle. Herkabe was introduced in season 3 of the show as the new teacher for the Krelboyne class. He shares many personality traits with Malcolm, though he hates him and desires to kick him out of the Krelboyne class. He brings a boy genius named Barton, in hopes that he will be able to kick Malcolm out of the class. Unfortunately for him, however, this proves to actually be helpful for Malcolm and Barton's father hated how Herkabe was treating him and pulled Barton out of the class.

In the episode "Academic Ocathalon," both Herkabe and Lois blackmail Malcolm into joining the Ocathalon with the Krelboynes. When he discovers that it's actually an all-out cheat race, he steals the Ocathalon results, which ends in disaster. This was the only instance in the series where Herkabe was nice to Malcolm and did not antagonize him.

In "Malcolm Defends Reese," he tortures Malcolm's brother Reese to the point of catatonic depression. He says that he'd stop if Malcolm let his grades slip so that Herkabe can keep the honor of having the highest GPA in the school. Malcolm nearly does this until Herkabe lets it slip that he failed P.E., which leads to his GPA award being taken away. Herkabe is made to take P.E. as a student, where Reese exacts his revenge by pelting Herkabe with dodgeballs. Herkabe is not seen after this for the rest of the series. It is unknown what happened to him, but it is likely that he quit due to being humiliated.