The Lion Inves was a Berserker Inves that Sonomura had summon to attack Kota with by using a jailbroken Mango Lockseed.

The Lion Inves is a really aggressive Inves, which says a lot considering how aggressive Inves typically are.

Lion Inves

Lion Inves (Armor Evolution)

During the fight with Gaim however, the Mango Lockseed malfunctions (making Sonomura drop it) as the Lion Inves undergoes armor evolution, gaining wings, new pectoral armor, and a grander mane, and then starts mauling the members of Team Red Hot. Gaim intercepts an attack meant for Sonomura, but this left the rampaging Berserker Inves to roam the streets, eventually getting to a populated area, where it assaulted anyone it got its paws on.

Gaim catches up to the Inves, and upon doing so, the Lion Inves throws the civilian it was pounding on at the Armored Rider, then the two fight once more. During the scuffle, the Lion Inves accidentally knocks off Gaim's Rider Indicator. Realizing this, Gaim takes out the Genesis Core Sagara gave him and attaches it to where the Rider Indicator was, then activates the Lemon Energy Lockseed and attaches it to the Genesis Core.

Once done, the Orange Arms unfolded back to it's original shape and flew off, knocking the Lion Inves backwards, giving Gaim enough space for him to form Jimber Lemon Arms.

Unfettered, the Lion Inves charged at Gaim, only to be trounced by the Rider. When it tried to leap at Gaim, he instead attaches the Lemon Energy Lockseed to the Sonic Arrow and activates the Squash function of the Sengoku Driver, and destroys the Lion Inves in mid-air.

ToQ-Oh vs Lion Inves

The Lion Inves battling ToQ-Oh.

Another normal Lion Inves appears during the initial attack by the Badan Empire, though its appearance was unintentional on Mogura-Roid's part of accidentally digging up Cracks twice, each time summoning that Lion Inves. After eating some premature Lockseeds while being attacked by the ToQgers, this Lion Inves grows to gigantic proportions while assuming its Armor Evolution form, leading to it being destroyed by the ToQgers' ToQ-Oh Car Carrier & Tank.

Another appeared, joined by a Shika Inves, from an unseen Crack, and attacks Gaim and Bravo, the duo of Inves knocking the exhausted Riders around, only for the Inves to be joined by a flock of Komori Inves. When Gridon shields the downed Armored Riders with his own body from a volley shot from the Komori Inves group, Gaim goes Kachidoki Arms and lays waste to the Inves swarm.


  • Episodes: 16, Ressha Sentai ToQger Vs. Kamen Rider Gaim Spring Vacation Combining Special, 25
  • Destroyed by:
    1. Kamen Rider Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms' Sonic Volley
    2. ToQ-Oh Car Carrier & Tank's Car Carrier Tank Shoot
    3. Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms' DJ Gun fire at High Pitch
  • Animal Basis: Lion
  • Height: 244 cm
  • Weight: 194 kg