I'm in charge here, and I will not turn this ship around for anyone!
~ The Lion Captain denying Hazel's request to turn the Ark around.
You're really starting to get on my last nerve...
~ Lion Captain warning Dave.
Looks like I got to get my paws dirty after all!
~ Lion preparing to kill Hazel as he pins her to the wall.

The Lion Captain (or just simply the Lion) is the (former) secondary antagonist of the 2015 computer-animated German film, Oops! Noah is Gone... (or All Creatures Big and Small in the US and Two by Two in the UK).

He was voiced by Martin Sheen in the regular English version, who previously portrayed Orin Scrivello in Little Shop of Horrors and Mr. Chairman in Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and by Alan Stanford in the Irish dub, who also voiced Black Wolf in The Flight Before Christmas.


Lion is a strong, bulky dark tan lion with brown eyes and a black mane and the captain of the Ark. He has two gorilla henchmen and two assistants, Flamingo and a rhinoceros named Margaret.


Lion first appears gathering the animals to warn them about the incoming flood, and tells them about Noah's Ark, a massive wooden boat able to hold a male and female (as well as their children) for every species, as long as they were on Noah's checklist. He, Margaret, and Flamingo set up a check-in station inside a short cave, where almost every animal from the gathering is accepted with only three rejects: the Nestrians, Obesey the slug, and Tanglefoot the squid. Dave the Nestrian pleads Lion to reconsider, but accidentally lets out his smokescreen after Margaret snorts at him and is kicked out of the cave. The next morning, before the flood-water comes in, Lion alerts all the passengers to seek shelter in their assigned cabins and advises them to stay in their cabins throughout the whole expedition unless otherwise.

When Dave is discovered to be a stowaway impersonating Hazel the Grymph's husband, Mrs. Gorilla throws him and Hazel into the prison cell and calls her boss, who is unhappy since he was in the middle of having his mane done. Dave and Hazel try to explain to Lion about the disappearance of their children and beg him to turn the Ark around, only for Lion to refuse, as he must follow Noah's orders. Before leaving, he tells Mrs. Gorilla to keep them in the cell so he could deal with them later.

Dave and Hazel trick the Gorillas into letting them out of their cell, and make it up to the ship's bridge where Lion is. Dave enters first and pleads Lion a second time to turn around the Ark to find his son, since Finny is all Dave has. Lion, believing Dave is purposely bothering him, warns Dave that he is wasting his time and may make an exception to the animal consumption ban. Before he is able to eat Dave, Hazel whacks a stick against the back of Lion's head, knocking him out. Mr. Gorilla shortly enters the room (not knowing that Dave and Hazel are controlling Lion's body like a puppet) and informs his (unconscious) boss about Dave and Hazel's escape. Lion (through Dave's voice) tells Mr. Gorilla to stop the prisoners before they can start a mutiny, and Mr. Gorilla leaves.

Lion wakes up the next day and attacks Dave and Hazel, discovering they led the Ark off-course. Hazel fights against Lion as Dave keeps control of the Ark's wheel. After a short brawl (and tango dance) with Hazel, Lion grabs one side of the wheel while Hazel and Dave grab the other side. A tug of war takes place only for the sides of the wheel to bang against Lion's head. Lion spots a hair of his mane that fell out of place and angrily pins Hazel to a column, and extracts his claws, about to "get his paws dirty after all". Before Lion is able to harm her, Dave sprays his smokescreen at Lion, knocking him out yet a second time.

At the end of the film, Lion (with a piece of meat to his swollen right eye), Margaret, and Flamingo spot Dave and Finny swimming in the water and tells his assistants about how they should have told the Nestrians at the check-in that they were aquatic. During the end credits, Lion, fully reformed, is shown to have healed from his injuries and celebrates the disappearance of the floodwaters along with the other animals, and is later shown to be on a date with Flamingo, revealing they had feelings toward each other.


As the captain of Noah's Ark, Lion is determined to search for dry land during the great flood for the safety of all the passengers on the Ark. Lion is hasty and desperate to keep his captain position on the Ark and is unafraid to kill or injure others to keep it that way.



  • Although Lion's goals could be considered bigger compared with the Griffins (the main antagonists of the film), where the Griffins just wanted to eat while Lion wanted to both eat and keep control of the Ark, he ended up reforming at the end, which the Griffins did not.
  • Lion's fight with Dave and Hazel before his defeat is cut out in the edited version of the film.
  • Lion strongly resembles (and is highly similar to) Scar from The Lion King.