"We saw you heading back with the shovel, Miss Katherine!"
~ Linda to Kissin' Kate Barlow when she has her at gunpoint for the buried loot
Linda Walker was a minor character in Holes. She used to be a student of Kissin' Kate Barlow and has married Trout
Walker. She's is also the paternal grandmother of The Warden. In the book, she is only featured once, when she is forcing Katherine to give her "the loot". However, she is mentioned to be 9 or 10 years old in the first setting and to have been "cute" and "freckly" as a child. In the movie, she has been seen several times, possibly to explain that she was a former student of Katherine Barlow. However, despite that she used to be a "good student", she sided with Trout when they were taking the loot. She is portrayed by Melissa Mitchell as a child and Aliison Smith as an adult.


As a little girl, Linda was one of Katherine's favorite students. Linda was apparently a smart and cute girl child. And it seemed that Katherine enjoyed teaching her as she appeared several times in the movie. It is assumed that her grades were good, as according to Katherine, she was a good student as a child. She was remarkably beautiful, had vibrant red hair and as a child, she had cute, big eyes. It is likely that she remembered her childhood when deciding to join Trout in digging holes for the buried loot and considered the other side. At 16 or 17 years of age, she married Trout Walker, who possibly married her because of her beauty, intelligence or quick wit. According to Katherine, she "married him for his money".


Linda was described as to keep her red hair as a grown-up but it detracted from her appearance. She was discribed as having red blotches on her face, and she presumably angry-looking. Linda was probably this way due to lack of money. She wore dirty clothes, as she couldn't afford to keep them clean.



Linda dug holes with Trout after Katherine committed suicide. Linda was not as keen as Trout was but she did dig holes. Presumably, she forced her son or daughter to do the same thing and probably had a grudge against it as a child but later took responsibility to dig on her own. 


"I've been Linda Walker for the last 13 years."
~ Linda to Kissin' Kate, when asked by her maiden name Linda Miller
"Well, it's all gone now!"
~ Linda to Kissin' Kate when she's revealed to have married Trout for his money
"It died up with the lake! Hasn't rained here since the day they killed Sam!"
~ Linda revealing the source of her loss of money
"You better tell him what he wants! He's a desperate man!"
~ Linda warning Kissin' Kate of not giving up her buried loot and siding with her husband Trout