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Linda Stotch
I don't think I'm very happy. I always fall asleep to the sounds of my own screams. And then I always get woken up in the morning by the sounds of my own screams. Do you think I'm unhappy?
~ Butters talking about his parents

Linda Stotch is one of Butters' controlling, abusive, and strict parents as well as one of the recurring characters and one of the major antagonists in the TV show South Park. They frequently ground their son for little to no reason, try to sell him to Paris Hilton for $250 million, give him a brutal beating for cussing them out over the phone (it was actually Cartman pretending to be Butters), locked him in the basement, try to feed him a dead woman's body and tried to drown him. She is one of Butters' arch-nemesis, the other being Stephen.

Linda tends to be more sympathetic and tender towards her son but goes along with her husband's parenting methods because she feels he knows more about it than she does. While she is a lot nicer to Butters than Stephen, and hugs and kisses him a lot, but like his father she has punished him and abused him absurdly before.



  • She physically looks like Lindsey Naegle, however, Linda is more darker and more bad with the chidren.