Linda Dobson is the secondary antagonist of Wild Things: Foursome.

She is portrayed by Jessie Nickson.


Linda was a small part in the scheme to get Ted Wheetly's money. Brandi make claims that Carson raped her and Linda is supposed to be the witness. After the job is a success, Linda meets with her other four conspirators to celebrate. After this Linda disappears and isn't heard of for the rest of the film until the end. She is brought up to Brandi by Detective Frank Walker and Brandi claims that Linda just needed the money and left after obtaining it. However, this is not the case. As it turns out, George Stuben was the mastermind behind the whole plot and Linda was his accomplice and girlfriend. George tricks Brandi into getting on her boat and going out onto the water, at which point Linda blows up it up. She and George kiss as they celebrate their success.


  • Linda plays the role of the "best friend". In each of the Wild Things films, the rich and somewhat antagonistic main female has a best friend at their side. Although, Linda is the first to have been a Mastermind or to even be involved at all.
  • Linda is part of a Big Bad Duumvirate with George.
  • It is left uncertain whether Linda is simply George's girlfriend or whether it was her behind it all and he was her partner.