It's like my whole life is darkness and... When you're around, things are brighter.
~ Lily to Emma Swan

Lilith "Lily" Page is the daughter of Maleficent and a minor antagonist in Season 4 of ABC's Once Upon A Time.

She was portrayed by Agnes Bruckner.


She was banished from the fairytale world to the real world by Snow White and Prince Charming.

Snow White and Charming discover they have taken Maleficent's young daughter

She was adopted by a couple when she was just a baby, as a teen she make friend with Emma. But she was a trouble teen, she was lying to Emma about her parents and steal people, she also make Emma lose her adoptive family after they discover who she was.

In her adulthood she take a fake name as waitress and tell Emma to leave her alone and be with her daughter, but Emma and Regina discover the lies and find out that she discover the truth about Emma past and discover the town of Storybrooke, Emma tried to stop her with the car Lily then get angry telling that without her magic Emma is nothing, Emma wanted to kill her, but Regina intervene and Lily escape during the two woman argument.

She wanted to get her revenge by transforming herself to a dragon betrayed by Regina after she reconciled with Emma, her mother then tried to reasoned her and she did, she finally make peace with Emma and Storybrooke inhabitants.

Alternate Reality

During the alternate reality created by Isaac Heller, Lily served as one of the Evil Queen's Black Knights, one dedicated to imprisoning Emma Swan.