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Lily is the main antagonist in Kappa Mikey. She is a physically attractive girl actress who portrays the damsel-in-distress role in all of the episodes of "LilyMu," and in these episodes she also plays the sweet, innocent girl who is a member of the LilyMu gang and is often saved by Mikey as his fictional superhero alter-ego, Kappa Mikey, who has a crush on her in real life as well. But in reality, Lily is no one more than a heartless, overindulged actress who was the original star of "LilyMu" (explaining the program's title) before Mikey joined the show's cast and was given a starring role. Lily appears to be a kogal (Japan's version of a Valley girl) as she is constantly seen wearing a sailor fuku. Lily also tries her hardest to keep up with popular fashions in order to stay on lists for best-dressed celebrities, which she manages to stay on. Because of the fact that Mikey has taken up her role as the star of "LilyMu," Lily despises Mikey and constantly is torturing him, however, Mikey is extremely unaware of Lily's intentions to torment him and continues to have a crush on her, although towards the end of the series he started to become aware of Lily's hatred for him and seemed to slightly move onto Mitsuki, who really loves him (though Mikey continues to still be in love with Lily).
Kappa mikey lily poster-p228410088960548686tdcp 400

Lily, in both her casual clothing and LilyMu outfit.

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