Lilly Jenkins

Lilly Jenkins is a villainess from Psych, appearing in "Last Night Gus," the second episode of Season Six. She is the daughter of the notorious Leroy Jenkins (the episode's main antagonist), who escaped from prison. Lilly meets Gus at a party, which has left Shawn, Gus, Lassie, Woody, and Henry all unable to remember the events of the previous night. She encounters Gus the next day and kisses him, slowly bringing back images of the two meeting beforehand. Lilly's ties to Leroy Jenkins are revealed by everyone but Gus, who was with Lilly at her home. Lilly spikes Gus' drink so her father can enter with intent to kill him. Both Leroy and Lilly are thwarted and arrested by Shawn and Lassie.

Lilly Jenkins was played by Jessica Lucas, who also played Olivia in the Evil Dead remake.