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Lilith, The Succubus or The Incubus, "Lilith the Succubus" or "Lilith the Incubus, is the one-shot antagonist of TV show Sleepy Hollow. She is a demon servant of Moloch, whose heart is stored away from its body. It is drawn to secret desires, and is able to mimic them.

Season 2


In "Heartless", Henry Parrish summoned Lilith, where she took the appearance of an attractive young lady, sucking the life force out of both male and female victims in public places.

Nick Hawley was almost killed by the Succubus, but was rescued by Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane.

At the cemetery, Katrina Crane and Abbie recited the incantation to destroy the Succubus' heart, while Crane and Hawley tracked the Succubus at the club to destroy her body.

The Succubus lured Ichabod into another room, and trid to play on his desire for Katrina and steal his soul. Hawley broke into save him, but the demon instead turned on him. Grapping Hawley's gun, Ichabod fired a consecrated bullet into the demon. With her heart burned down by Abbie, the Succubus met her demise.

However, even though Ichabod and Abbie killed her, Lilith's work was already done, as she had absorbed enough life force to bring Moloch into the world—as a seemingly innocent-looking human baby.



  • She is portrayed by Caroline Ford (who later portrayed Nimue) as a human and by Elena Sanchez as a demon.
  • While talking to Ichabod, the Succubus adopted a British accent to mimic Katrina.
  • According to the ending credits, her name is Lilith the Succubus. However, throughout the episode, she is referred as the Succubus or sometimes the Incubus.

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